About Us

ProBLEN was established in 1997 and has been helping people around the world reverse the aging process and reach their health goals. Our Slogan “Live Young. Age Well” says it all!

The name " ProBLEN" represents how each supplement is professionally blended by experts in specific supplement fields. The term "BLEN" represents the art, practice and profession of compounding and preparing a formula.

We understand that anti-aging goes beyond a single supplement or need, that is why each ProBLEN anti-aging supplement target one or more of the various systems of the body, whether is the immune, endocrine, muscular/skeletal, digestive, cardiovascular or nervous system, ProBLEN aids in maintaining the overall good health and well-being of the consumer.

For over 20 years we have been committed to the customer’s satisfaction and guarantee that our customers get the highest quality supplements available in the market, and we will continue to provide solutions that enhance the quality of life of those who choose ProBLEN.

"In the beginning of ProBLEN, my hopes were to reach individuals who personally cared enough to educate themselves about the effects of aging and what their bodies lacked and needed.
After so many years we continue to be grateful for the thousands of individuals who have, and continue to use the ProBLEN family of products.
Our greatest satisfaction is knowing that our products provide the desired results for those who use them."
Jimmy McClintock,
President at ProBLEN

"My goal has always been to bring superior, custom blended, high-quality supplements to our customers at prices lower than they are accustomed to paying for lower quality supplements.
Now, we continue to expand our Anti-Aging Nutritional Supplement line across the world, providing our customers with more choices for their personal natural anti-aging program."

Johnathan McClintock,
Vice-President at ProBLEN